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Duchess Katherine Stanhope will randomly hold unofficial practices at Quick Farm (85 Adams Street) in Westborough, MA. Please keep an eye out on the East Kingdom Equine mail list.

Directions: From I495, North or South. Get off at exit 23B (Rt 9 West, Worcester). Continue on Route 9 into Westborough. Take the second Route 30 Exit, toward Westborough. (There's a McDonalds at that corner). Continue on 30 to the Westborough Rotary. Go straight through the rotary, continuing on 30. About 1.5 miles after the rotary, bear left onto West Main Street. There is a church on the right across the street from the turn. Continue for .7 miles, and turn left onto Adams Street. The barn is about a mile up the road on the right. **NOTE** There is a low underpass on Route 30 - 12.5 ft. If you are hauling a trailer and this is too low for you, let Duchess Katherine Stanhope know and we will give you other directions.

**NOTE** There is NO BATHROOM at this barn. Go before you arrive, or be prepared to take a short walk into the woods.

April 6, 2013
Our own Kiena Stewart was crowned Queen of the East at an amazing Equestrian event with mounted games, procession and a Joust. A wonderful day was had by all!

October 27, 2012
Vivat to our own Kiena Stewart, our own Princess of the East! Ride on, Your Highness!

June 16, 2012
Vivat to our new King's Equestrian Champion, Lady Sylvia du Vey, and Queen's Equestrian Champion, Lady Alanna of Skye!

January 28, 2012
Another successful Annual Equestrian Meeting at Birka! We have a lovely year planned. Thank you to all our Marshals-in-training who are stepping up.

October 1, 2011
Vivat to our newly crowned Equestrian Queen, Kiena Stewart! We are so glad to have you riding with us!

July 2, 2011
Vivat to our new King's Equestrian Champion, Baroness Doucette de Verdun, and Queen's Equestrian Champion, Sir Geoffrey FitzGalen!

May 9, 2011

A Message From Our New Equestrian Princess,
Her Royal Highness Kiena Stewart:

To the East Kingdom Cavalry delivered this day from the swift and mighty hooves of the Princess' precious mount, Valid Lupin.

Let it be known to all those who bear witness to this missive, that I, Princess Kiena, am looking forward to a Royal Cavalry for this next year.

It is my wish that things will go as 'business as usual' as much as we can, but maybe with some more flair and heraldry.

In Service,
Princess Kiena

May 7, 2011
Vivat to our own Kiena Stewart, the newly minted Princess of the East! Ride on, Your Highness!

January 29, 2011
The Annual Equestrians' Meeting at Birka was very successful. We have a busy schedule ahead of us this year - see the Events page for details.

January 29, 2011
Vivat to our new KEO, Duchess Katherine Stanhope, and thank you to our outgoing KEO Mistress Kiena Stewart for all your hard work!

May 30, 2010
Vivat to our new King's Equestrian Champion, Mistress Kiena Stewart, and Queen's Equestrian Champion, Lady Franquiete du Grandchamp!

July 4, 2009
Vivat to our new King's Equestrian Champion, Duchess Katherine Stanhope, and Queen's Equestrian Champion, Lady Sylvia du Vey!

April 20, 2009
Watch out for the Southern Region Cavalry as they continue to gather steam - Great Job Lady Doucette!

April 7, 2007
Society Equestrian Marshallate page is a great resource for our activity at the Society level.

Summer 08
Last summer many of us worked on our Mounted Combat skills.
Vivant to Lady Sylvia du Vey, Lady Alanna of Skye and Lady Catherine Greene who all recieved their Mounted Crest authorizations.

May 20, 2008
The Shire of Endewearde is coming along nicely in their efforts to bring the equestrian arts to their area. We have an oficial practice scheduled for the late Summer. I encourage all to attend.

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