East Kingdom Equestrian Activities

Events & Meetings 2009

Date Event Marshal in Charge
January 30-31 Market Day at Birka
Barony of Stonemarche - Manchester, NH
Activities: Annual Planning and Marshals' Meeting (unmounted)
May 1-3
Mountain Confederation Ladies Champion
Shire of Eisental - Lehighton, PA
Activities: Challenge Course, Mounted Crest Tournament
Baroness Doucette de Verdun
May 22-25 Panteria XIII
Shire of Panther Vale - Hardwick, VT
Activities: Challenge Courses, Mounted Crest and Archery Practice, Joust Practice, Cavalry Practice
Mistress Ellen Du Grandchamp
June 12-14
A Midsummer's Faire
Barony of Stonemarche - Contoocook, NH
Activities: Challenge Course, Mounted Archery, SCA Joust and IJA Joust Tournaments, Mounted Crest Practice, Cavalry Practice
Duchess Katherine Stanhope
July 2-5 Kings and Queen's Equestrian Championships
Northern Region War Camp

Shire of Glenn Lynn - Warrensburg, NY
Activities: IKEqC, Mounted Crest Tournament, Championship tournament, Cavalry Presentation, and of course Swimming with the horses
Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp
Baroness Doucette de Verdun
September 19
Fall Workshop
Shire of Endewearde - Province of Malgentia
Activities: Practice, Play and having a general good time!
Lady Sylvia duVey/
Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp
September 25-27
River War
Shire of Iron Bog
Activities: Challenge Course
Baroness Doucette de Verdun/ Lady Catherine Greene
October 9-11 Warrior's Naadam
Crown Province of Ostgardr - Carmel, NY
Activities: Challenge Course, Mounted Archery
Baroness Doucette de Verdun
October 24
Closing of the Inne
Shire of Coldwood - Peru, NY
Activities: Tower behourd (new), Quest/Trail Ride - Celebrating the end of a GREAT season
Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp