East Kingdom Equestrian Activities

Events & Meetings 2016

Date Event Marshal in Charge
January 29-30 Market Day at Birka
Barony of Stonemarche - Manchester, NH
Activities: Annual Planning and Marshals' Meeting (unmounted)
May 14 Sir Wilhelm's Hastilude & Demo II **AND** K&Q Champions of Armored Combat
Barony of Dragonship Haven, Central Region
Activities: Demo
Bethany, CT (click to map)
Duchess Kiena Stewart
June 27-29 Les Beltaines XXIX
Barony of Havre des Glaces, Principality of Tir Mara
Activities: Mounted Games
Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC (click to map)
Mistress Ellen du Grandchamp
June 17-27 SCA 50 Year Celebration
Barony of Dragonship Haven, Central Region
Activities: ALL plus demos!
Danville, IN (click to map)
Master Terafan Greydragon
August 27
King's and Queen's Equestrian Championship at Quintavia Summer Celebration
Shire of Quintavia, Central Region
Activities: Equestrian Championship Tourney
Groton, MA (click to map)
Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick
Baron Duncan Kerr
September 23-25 River War
Barony of Iron Bog, Southern Region
Activities: Mounted Games, Beginner's Tourney
Williamstown, NJ (click to map)
Mistress Doucette de Verdun