East Kingdom Equestrian Activities

Equestrian Champions of the East Kingdom

Equestrian Champions of the East Kingdom: Each year, a competition is held, open to all equestrians with martial authorizations, to choose the King's and Queen's Champion of Horse. - from the East Kingdom Equestrian Handbook

Once a year, we have the privilege of riding before our King and Queen to compete for the honor of being the King's or Queen's Champion of Horse. Our competitions range from challenge courses to individual head-to-head single events to tournaments and often are multiple different kinds of competitions in a day. Some of us, if we feel unprepared to be a Champion in that year, may ride in the tourney "for honor alone" and enjoy the day's competition without being in the running for the title. "King's and Queen's Equestrian Champs" is a competition we look forward to for the chance to test our skills against one another and also to compete as friends.

You may read the full Lineage of the Eastrealm's Equestrian Champions on the East Kingdom Wiki.

Check this year's Event Schedule to see where Champs will be held!