East Kingdom Equestrian Activities

Rider Authorizations

In order to ride and compete at our events and official practices, riders must be authorized as described in Part II of the East Kingdom Equestrian Handbook. Authorizations are usually performed at events before the main competition, giving new participants the chance to compete that day. Minors may be subject to special rules, such as having a parent or guardian present at ringside, or being required to wear an approved safety helmet. Some activities, such as jousting or mounted crest combat, require a special authorization process over and above the standard rider authorization.

Authorizations are generally the process of making sure you can ride safely, not over-estimate your own current skill level, and handle the weapons and objects that we use in our games without hurting your horse or yourself. We are not evaluating and rating your riding skill level, we are just making sure that you are willing to be safe and know your limits. If you have any questions about what happens during an authorization or whether you would pass one, you could contact any of our marshals or come to one of our events and watch the process (or ask to have it demonstrated for you!)

We do not publish our full list of rider authorizations online, but you may contact the Kingdom Master of Horse to obtain an authorized rider list or confirm the authorization of an individual rider.