This year's Midsummer Faire was the Equestrian Championships for their Royal Majesties as well as for the Barony of Stonemarche.

Vivat! to Baron Duncan Kerr and his quick and trusty steed "Merlin" as the King's Champion.

Vivat! to Duke Randall of the Dark and the mare "Gypsy Rose" as the Queen's Champion.

Vivat! to Lord Michael de Calais and the Stonemarche Baronial Horse, "Stacato", as Stonemarche's Baronial Champion.

As part of the festivities, a special presentation to His Majesty, Kelson, of ''Monkeys jousting on minis''.

A wish of his... He was pleasantly surprised and it was very entertaining.


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to war we go!

Sir Ankara and Dobbyn

Duchess Katherine and Rosie capturing the flag before jumping over the shield wall.
Lady Kiena at the knock down quintain...
going for the flag.
Baron Duncan and Merlin at the knock down quintain.
Duncan and Merlin turning on the after burners...
Sir Ankara and Dobbyn
Sir Ankara at the Flag
Fiona and Dolly
Fiona and Dolly capture the flag.
Jackie and Rosie with the flag
Jackie's and Rosie head to the finish.
Lord Michael and Stacato
Lord Michael and Sticky capture the flag
Mistress Eleanor and Leaps at the Knockdown
Mistress Eleanor and Leaps capture the flag
Summit and Shaharazad snuggling up.
Mistress Ellen and Summit capture the flag
The Royal Party watches

On the first day of championships, our reigning champions gave to us...

Two Grand Duchesses and a Duke on a Gypsy Rose...

Our herald for the day Baron Tibor of Rock Valley.
Kiena jousting the quintain, and the ring holder, and the ground crew and ... and ... about took out the whole lane...
Mistress Eleanor and Leaps waiting their turn.
Duncan and Merlin at the rings in the finals.
Duncan and Merlin at the Spear in the finals.
Duke Randall and Rosie going for the spear in the finals.
Their Majesties Champions of Horse... Baron Duncan Kerr and Merlin and Duke Randall of the Dark.

A verra tired horsie... The Steeds of House Kerr.