East Kingdom Equestrian Activities
Regulations & Forms

This is the East Kingdom page for rules and forms for Equestrian activities. No text or form on this page supersedes that of the Society Equestrian Marshal Page. In the event of a discrepancy between any content here and that of the Society Equestrian Marshal page, the discrepancy will be decided in favor of the Society-level version.

Below is our rule book, the Equestrian Handbook for the East Kingdom. If you are interested in riding a horse or otherwise participating in the Equestrian activities at East Kingdom events, we encourage you to read it. Marshals are expected to be familiar with all sections of the Handbook. Also listed are some interpretations and rulings not covered by the handbook, specifically with respect to how to sign the waiver for minors, and instructions for demos and parades where the SCA is represented.

East Kingdom Equestrian Rules

Adult Equestrian Waiver by state (PDF format)

We use forms to document information such as your emergency contacts when you are riding at an event, the authorization of new riders, event reports, and we also provide helpful checklists for both marshals and equestrians to prepare themselves successfully for events. Below are these forms for your convenience.

East Kingdom Equestrian Forms